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I received by black ‘Squeezy Tee’ style 207 around 3 weeks ago and I LOVE it! I’ve worn it numerous times and with several items and cannot praise the garment enough. I would now like to purchase this style in the other two colors.
— Janet H. - Ulverston U.K.
No way... we love it; we want it; and we want to show it off. It’s too beautiful and it feels great on our body!
— Nelia V. - New Jersey
This is a great product. I went out the other night wearing the plain black top by itself with slacks, and my friends insisted I lost weight! I’m still trying to get in shape, but this was a great confidence booster... Thank you Squeezy!!
— Deborah T. - New York City
Parisian women have great figures, everybody knows that, and I felt I needed to wear my Squeezy Tee to walk around them. Except for my funny accent when I call the ‘garcon’, I’ve never felt so good in Paris. I love Paris! Thanks.” - Michele S., Connecticut
— Michele S. - Connecticut
This is a wonderful Tee to help shape your figure. Love it!
— Vicki K. - Las Vegas