SqueezyTees Press Release April 2017

Tired of your shape wear being too constricting and leaving those awful red marks? Doesn’t it get annoying wearing Spanx and other shape suits underneath your clothing, which sometimes makes you feel like you can’t breathe? SqueezyTees is the ‘alternative’ to shape wear, taking the guesswork out of controlling flabby arms and muffin-tops.  With versatile designs we have achieved the greatest success in shape wear attire. Our tops are sleek, chic and best of all it is made to be worn as outerwear.

Squeezy Tees is the first comfortable shape wear top, made with the exclusive revolutionary Slender Arm Technology™!  Which makes your arms and waist look thinner and toned. The company is comprised of diverse and seasoned individuals formed for the purpose of identifying and marketing shape wear that will make women and men feel comfortable and great about themselves. 


Never place doubt again in taming your arms and stomach again because we’ve found a solution to all those problem areas. These body-toning t-shirts helps firm and slim arms as well as offers waist support and tummy control. 


Our tops are the most innovative designs today, that discreetly slims your arms making you appear like you’ve been working out for years. Line up the seam under your arm and gently tug the sleeve up, to control how slimming you want your arms to appear. Combining style, function and fit, we offer V-neck, crew neck and scoop neck. With fabric versatility our tops won’t wrinkle and can be worn to the office, workout or a night on the town. 

“Evana is wearing our shirt called Squeezy Tee. You can wear it as a under garment too. The company has come up with a ‘slender arm technology ‘made with a special pattern that only we can use as it was designed by our own team and bears a trademark. The fabric is beautiful; it’s comfortable and actually sculpts your arm and sucks it in and makes the arms look thinner. Our tops make your arms look more toned. They come in small to extra-large sizes. 

Tyra Banks, on a segment of her TV show said, “you look good girl”.  And we know you will!